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Medication Monitor is a state of the art ai based health engagement platform that aims to change that.By moving away from the “prescription reminder” model into a a targeted health communication model.we deliver to the patient relevant information that creates healthy changes.

BY understanding and meeting the unique needs of a patient we can make them feel more engagedwith their health journey.

How it Works?

Through our years of experience with mass health data aggregation we access and aggregated all relevant local data – government, Doctor, pharmacy, eHealth, census,demographic, disease state, medication cost.Using our patient algorithm we build profiles and categorise patients

A targeted communication can then be crafted for a specific person, medication, disease state or cohort Each patient or campaign will then be given a specific “value of contact” based on a varieties of factors including – contact method, demographic, likeliness to change, value of patient (+/-) etc. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are enabled to sponsor these communications either directly or indirectly via the Medication Monitor platform.

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Receive timely reminders for medication doses, ensuring adherence to prescribed schedules and reducing the risk of missed doses.

Social Emotional

Monitor daily medication intake, including dosage amounts and frequency, to maintain accurate records for healthcare providers.

In-Depth Patient

Receive notifications when it's time to refill prescriptions, preventing interruptions in medication supply and ensuring continuity of care.

Prescription Analysis

Gain insights into medication adherence patterns and trends over time, helping users and healthcare providers make informed decisions about treatment plans.

Aggregated External DataSource

Store and organize medication-related information, including prescription details and instructions, in one secure location for easy access.

In-depth Social Profiling

Share medication schedules and reminders with family members or caregivers, enhancing support and coordination in managing medication regimens.

Customisable Compaign Management

Monitor and track any adverse effects or side effects experienced while taking medications, providing valuable information for healthcare providers.

Integration with Healthcare Providers

Seamlessly integrate medication information with healthcare providers' systems, enabling better communication and coordination of care.

Key Benefits

Our Medication Monitor product provides a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to manage their medications effectively. With features such as medication reminders, dosage tracking, and refill alerts, Medication Monitor simplifies the process of medication management. 

Effortless Medication Tracking
Medication Monitor simplifies the process of tracking medications, ensuring that users stay on top of their medication schedule. The platform provides users with clear and concise information about their medications, including dosage instructions and refill dates.
Improved Medication Adherence
One of the key benefits of Medication Monitor is its ability to improve medication adherence. The platform sends timely reminders for medication doses, helping users stay on track with their treatment plan.
Enhanced Health Outcomes
By promoting medication adherence and providing valuable insights into medication usage, Medication Monitor can lead to improved health outcomes. Consistent and timely medication intake is crucial for managing chronic conditions and preventing complications.

How may we serve you?

Medication Monitor is a product offered by Dataology that helps individuals manage their medications effectively. It provides features such as medication reminders, dosage tracking, and refill alerts to simplify medication management.

Medication Monitor works by allowing users to input their medication information, including dosage instructions and refill dates. The platform then sends reminders for medication doses and alerts for refills, helping users stay on track with their treatment plan.

Yes, Medication Monitor takes security seriously and uses encryption and other measures to protect users' medication information. Dataology ensures that user data is kept confidential and secure.

Yes, Medication Monitor allows users to track multiple medications simultaneously. Users can input information for each medication, including dosage instructions and refill dates, and receive reminders and alerts for each medication.

You can sign up for Medication Monitor by visiting the Dataology website and following the registration instructions. Once registered, you can start using the platform to manage your medications.

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